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Preventing Damage from Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles

Pesky insects-so small you hardly notice them-may be doing damage to garments and other textile items around your home. Generally, you aren't aware of them until its too late. And the babies are the culprits-eating their way through your sweaters, jackets, and pants, or wool rugs and needlework as they mature. Their mothers and fathers do no damage-except to leave behind their eggs from which the hungry larvae hatch.

Most people know that clothes moths can do considerable damage, but carpet beetles can cause extensive damage if they are not controlled. Clothes moth larvae are usually found on their food material. Carpet beetle larvae are more adventurous and may crawl from one room to another, or from one apartment to another. They also can be found in bird and rodent nests

How to Know If You Have Rats or Mice?  What You Should Do Next ?

The sudden appearance of a rat can evoke a scream from even the toughest men

and women – but what can be worse is not knowing whether or not your pest

problem can be attributed to them. Mice are often the lesser of two evils, but neither

are welcome and must be dealt with quickly before they multiply.

So, how do you know if the problem you’re dealing with is mice or rats and what

should you do to combat the problem? We’ll cover it all in this guide.


What are the warning signs I may have rats or mice?

The most obvious sign is always going to be a sighting of something brown darting

across the room, garden, or storage space when you enter, but here are the more

subtle signs you can look for. Remember that the earlier you tackle a rodent

problem, the better.

Our Services

removing-a-hornets-nest (1).jpg
  • Guaranteed Wasp Nest Removal

  •  Ficam D Facts

  •  Tell Tale Signs Of A Wasp Nest

  •  Wasp Pest Control Near Me 

  •  What Is A Wasp Nest Made Of?

  • Guaranteed Wasp Nest Removal

  • Same Day Wasp Nest Treatment

  •  Mouse Removal Specialists In Oxfordshire

  •  Oxfordshire Pest Control

  •  Emergency Pest Control

  •  Pest Control Contracts

  •  Restaurant Pest Control Banbury

  • Biocide Virus Protection

  •  Protects – People And Pets Against The Spread Of Pest-Associated Diseases.

  •  Effective – Against Bacteria, Viruses, Moulds, And Fungi Including Spores.

  •  Safe – For Use On All Surfaces Including Plastics, Soft Metals, Fabrics, And Food Safe.

  •  Peace Of Mind – Kills 99.9999% Of Harmful Enveloped inc Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pathogens Reducing The Risk Of Cross Contamination.

  • Drain Camera Survey

  •  We Can Use Our CCTV Equipment To Examine The Drainage System To Enable The Best Possible Solution For You.

  •  CCTV Drainage Survey


  • Rat Removal Specialists In Oxfordshire

  •  Offering Same Day Pest Control Guarantee

  •  Bespoke Rat Treatments Over 3 Weeks Or 6 Weeks Depending On Severity Of Infestations.

  •  We Also Provide Long Term Solutions.

  •  Bed Bug Pest Control Specialist In Oxfordshire

  •  Offering Same Day Pest Control Guarantee

  •  Bespoke Rat Treatments Over 3 Weeks Or 6 Weeks Depending On Severity Of Infestations.

  •  We Also Provide Long Term Solutions.

  • Spider Treatment Specialists In Oxfordshire

  •  Offering Same Day or Next Day Appointments.


  •  We Also Provide Long Term Solutions.

  •  Clothes Moth & Carpet Moth In Oxfordshire

  •  Offering Same Day or Next Day Appointments.


  • We Also Provide Long Term Solutions.



Did you know roughly 25% of the heat that is produced will escape through the roof of your property? As we all know, heat rises and that is why loft insulation can reduce heat loss as well as decreasing your energy bills. Yes, we said it, loft insulation can save you money and the payback can be two years or less. If you use your loft to store unwanted items, we offer a service to declutter your loft, subject to quotation, which will allow you to get the most out of your new insulation.

Already have loft insulation? We can remove and replace current insulation with more appropriate and efficient insulation. Nothing lasts forever, so why would we assume loft insulation will never deteriorate? It is estimated that good quality insulation should last from 30 to 40 years depending on other factors such as secondary water or fire damage.

We offer a professional and attentive service that will remove previously installed insulation in a stress-free environment before replacing the loft with quality insulation.


Birds Of Prey Pigeon Control

Green Eco Friendly Pigeon Pest Control

Birds of Prey - Pest Control to Control Pigeons

Did you know that rat control treatment and mouse removal specialists like us here in
Oxford can do much more than remediate small rodent infestations? Taking our services to
the sky, we also are experts at ridding homes of pigeons as well. Though these birds might
seem harmless on the surface, they can post a substantial threat in not only inducing
damages to your property, but also your overall health as well. Because of this reality, if you
have found that your home is now a home base for pigeons, it&#39;s time to act to keep your
home and family as safe as possible.,,,.....


Why Choose Pro Pest? 

We are members of Basis Prompt so you can expect all our techs trained to the highest standards & up to date with the latest legislation & treatments. All techs carry Profession ID.

Health & Safety is of the utmost importance to us. Our CHAS Accreditation provides all the legal documentation that ensures Health & Safety is carried out to the full.


Our Public Liability covers us for ALL treatments we offer and more, for your peace of mind.

Pro Pest is very proud to be Accredited with NPTA & work within their guidelines at all times.

Commercial Pest Control In Oxfordshire

If you have an ongoing problem with pests. or you want to defend your establishment against possible infestations, why not consider investing in a Pest Control Maintenance Contract with us at Pro Pest Oxford Ltd.

We are one of the biggest suppliers of pest control contracts in Oxfordshire, which means we are never far away when an emergency arises. We are able to offer you any one of our numerous services, no matter how big or small your establishment is. We pride ourselves in being able to provide you with the coverage and response of a larger company. whilst still maintaining the personal customer service of a smaller company.

About Us

Leading Pest Control Provider-
Insect & Rodent Control

Pro Pest Oxford Ltd is a family-run, friendly & professional Pest Control business designed to suit the needs of our customers by offering Pest Control services throughout Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Berkshire.

Our vast experience & inventive use of a variety of tried-and-tested resources has enabled us to help thousands of customers who have tried the giants & the one-man bands & found them lacking in expertise.

We take pride in providing our customers with perfect service & aftercare- from homes & businesses to large commercial clients.


We approach every job with our trademark quick response & attention to detail.

Pro Pest Oxford Ltd has grown to become the leading supplier of Pest Control Service in the Central area & surrounding areas. Whether your problem is in residential or commercial premises, Pro Pest Oxford Ltd is capable of providing the quickest response & the best value for money Pest Removal service throughout the Central areas

From Bedbug eradication to mice & rodent extermination. Pro Pest Oxford Ltd leaves no aspect of Pest Control uncovered.

Trusted, Reliable & Caring

Pro Pest Oxford Ltd services thousands of households & commercial clients- some of the companies we work with are internationally known. If you require Pest Control, Pro Pest Oxford Ltd is the company you can trust. We provide the highest level of customer care & the excellent value that you might expect from a small company, as well as the reliability & quick response of a large company. With this level of service, its no wonder that we are one of the most trusted Pest Control businesses in the South East.

From Bedbug eradication to mice & rodent extermination. Pro Pest Control leaves no aspect of Pest Control uncovered.




Tel. 01865 579366

Mobile. 07927236753

23 Swinbourne Road, Littlemore

 Oxford, OX44PQ






Frequently asked questions

How To Remove Bed Bug?

We have found that heat treatments are the most effective method of exterminating bedbugs – chemical treatments may not be suitable for use in certain places, and it may not completely solve the problem. Heat treatments simply involve heating affected areas to above 50°C in order to kill bedbugs at all stages of the lifecycle – this includes eggs, which are unaffected by chemicals, in addition to providing bespoke heat and chemical treatments for the likes of luggage, rugs or furniture that may be locally infested without the bedbugs having spread to other areas. Alternative treatments we provide include freeze treatments and steam treatments (which work the same way as heat treatments but use steam – this is helpful when the affected area is hard to reach). We also provide a full aftercare service on all jobs we take on in order to prevent the problem reoccurring in the future.

How dangerous are false widow spiders

Every autumn they are reports of false widow spider becoming eight-legged houseguests in homes across the uk. But despite looking similar to the more dangerous black widows, all these spiders are likely to do is give a small and relatively harmless bites its might seem like false widow make a dash for your home as soon as the weather get chilly, but they can actually be seen inside year-round. Temperature may be cause of the arachind exodus as they attepmt to get out of cold, but some may have long gone unnotice in the darked coner of house

What is Biocide Treatment?

Deep clean for residential and commercial properties INC but not restricted to : School, cinema, leisure centres, colleges, universities, museums, Treaters, buses etc.